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Stone Skin

Stone Skin is the newest natural stone cladding material. It is lightweight, flexible, and colourful with endless application possibilities.


The introduction of this material satisfies the need for an adaptable and weather-resistant stone decorating material for indoor and outdoor use. The revolutionary technology behind this material alows it to be easily adhered to any standard construction surface.


The individual sheets are all naturally different from each other. Stone Skin is a natural stone layer attached to a fiber glass/polyester resin substrate which acts as the back of the material to provide flexibility and strenght. Geologically, two sheets cannot be identical, and as such Stone Skin maintains its beauty as a natural stone.

The natural stone layer is fixed by a licensed polyester resin and fibreglass nano grid that are applied on the surface of the extracted stone slab. The polyester resin penetrates the pores of the rock, which enables a thin layer of stone to be torn off the stone slab.


In comparison to the ordinary stone tiling, fewer natural resources need to be extracted to get large-format natural stone material. The low weight of the flexible stone veneer not only contributes to savings in transport and manipulation costs, but it also decreases the carbon foot print that would be made by using ordinary heavy stone tiling.

Basic Info Stoneskin.png

Standard Colours


Translucent Colours

Stone Skin Transparent.png

Slate & Quartz Colours

Stone Skin Quartz.png

Marble Colours

Concrete Colours

Limestone Colours

Stone Skin Limestone.png

Flexible stone veneer is a great solution for projects with requirements on unique luxurious design especially in the

high-rise buildings where the load-bearing capacity of the construction is limited.

Sandstone Colours

Stone Skin Sandstone.png

Our Flexible stone veneer has a very high visual quality, which is prerequisite for fulfilling high demanding requirements for various kinds of projects.

Metallic Colours

Stone Skin Metalic.png
sheet 2.jpeg
sheet 4.jpeg
sheet 3.jpeg
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